Learn-to-Read Flash Cards   Learn the ABCs with Alphabet flash cards, or practice # Sight Words cards! Made to match the “Amelia the Flying Cat.”

ABC Flash Cards Printable Set - Amelia the Flying Cat edition

A PERFECT match to the Amelia the Flying Cat children’s book! 

  • Story time with your kiddos can now easily become an alphabet lesson, as long as you have access to a printer!

  • Each card is nice and BIG, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, so even your littlest littles can read it.

  • Any cards destroyed by sticky kid fingers? Reprint and repeat whenever you need to!

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afc-book_11-30-17_sight cards 1b.jpg

Sight word Flash Cards Printable Set - Amelia the Flying Cat Edition

Practice sight words with these flash cards, made to match the Amelia the Flying Cat children’s book.

All cards are divided and labeled by Reading level, Pre-K through 3rd Grade, 96 Sight Word Cards total.

Each card is the size of 1/3 of a sheet of printer paper, costs the price of an app to download.

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  Instant Scavenger Hunt   Get outdoors and learn! A homeschooler's favorite. (More available in Amelia's "Explorer Scouts")

Print-Your-Own Activity Book - Amelia’s Explorer Scouts Journal

"Amelia's Explorer Scouts" has a Girl Scout / Boy Scout feel to its activities, since there are many outdoor adventures and badges to earn. A perfect match to the Amelia the Flying Cat children's book and it's "explore the world" ending. For adventurous kids, this is a favorite of homeschooling moms and Montessori enthusiasts.


  • Activity pages include: Nature collecting, journaling, badge collecting, and scavenger hunts.

  • Print out as many copies as you need, without waiting for a new book to ship. 

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  Coloring book pages   Extend story time with this extra hidden chapter of Amelia the Flying Cat! (Full coloring book in ___)

Print-Your-Own coloring Book with doodle prompts - Amelia and the flying squirrel

Wish there was an extra chapter to the Amelia the Flying Cat children's book? Well, surprise! "Amelia and the Flying Squirrel" is more than an extra chapter- it’s a coloring book with doodle prompts so your kiddos can interact with the story.


  • Coloring pages, doodle-your-own-adventure prompts, and extra story to read- 17 pages total!

  • Skip waiting for the mail to arrive, you can download and start coloring as soon as you purchase.

  • Print out as many copies as you need for re-coloring fun.

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