Welcome to the NEW Fables & Fauna website!

The last thing I want Fables & Fauna to be is another ecommerce shop that shouts “BUY ALL MY THINGS” as soon as you visit. That’s why I felt like a website rebuild was critical.

I want Fables & Fauna to…

…inspire happiness every time you visit the website!

…make you feel like you can explore the world of Fables & Fauna!

…showcase my Fauna Friends, so they can become your friends too!

…make it easy to browse children’s books when you’re ready, and…

…be a place for PLAY and FUN!

I must admit, there’s SO MUCH more I wanted to implement at the new fablesandfauna.com right away. But you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time, so I’ve decided to slowly build and improve as I go instead.

So get ready, more Fables & Fauna fun is on it’s way!


Nikki Floreno