Fables & Fauna's 3rd Marietta Art Walk

BRRRR! I don’t know about you, but here in Georgia the weather just switched from “hot summer” straight to “WINTER COLD.” That’s right, we skipped Fall completely. (Hence why we look so bundled up, haha.)


Best moment of the event:

Two couples with a baby were strolling on by- nearly passing by the Fables & Fauna booth completely- but they all simultaneously looked over, their faces lit up instantly when they saw my “Amelia the Flying Cat” children’s book, and they all gasped in unison.

…Turns out, the little baby girl in their stroller was named Amelia! I don’t think I’ve ever seen four people have the same light-bulb moment at the same time before, haha.

Head’s up!:

There’ll be one more Marietta Art Walk this year, on Dec 7th, and there’ll be a Santa in the middle of the Square! I’m waiting to hear back to see if I’m accepted to go again, I’ll let you know. And we’ll bring a heater this time! (Lesson LEARNED.)

Next up:

This Friday is the Bethany Adoption Services “Changing Children’s Lives” fundraising gala, since it’s officially National Adoption Month! Will I see you there?

Nikki Floreno