A NEW Tortoise and Hare Art Collection, That's Curated by YOU.

The new “Curated by You” Tortoise and Hare Art Collection is a competition between art prints- which art style is the best for a storybook?- and YOU are the judge. 


how to order the "curated by you" art collection For the next 4 weeks, YOU are officially my new CURATOR.

I need your help deciding which art style is best for my Tortoise and Hare characters, Abel & Ana, debut children’s book!

These prints are perfect for you whether you want to makeover your kids rooms, start nesting and designing your new nursery, or add some much needed wall decor to your kid’s playroom.


Only the top-voted art print will stay, the rest of the collection will be retired permanently. You have 4 weeks to choose.


 “Why the Tortoise and the Hare?”

 First of all, the mascot of Fables & Fauna is a Tortoise and Hare pair, because they are one of the most memorable of Aesop’s Fables. I named them Abel & Ana, because it rhymes with “Fables & Fauna.” (Cute, eh?)

I don't have a children’s book published about these two yet, and I’ve been working hard to develop and design their characteristics and the world that they live in. There’s so many different ways to illustrate them though! Agh! And I’ve been really stuck on which is the best option.


"Why let ME choose?" 

If you didn’t know, I often base my book-making choices off of the opinions of my Fables & Fauna Book Club. My Book Besties have even helped me choose which name- Amelia or Avery- was perfect for my first children’s book, Amelia the Flying Cat. And not to brag or anything, but I’d say that my Book Besties NAILED IT. ;)

So that’s why I want your opinion, reader! Whether you’re one of my Book Club Besties, or if this is the first time we’ve met- I know that you have impeccable taste. And you know exactly what style your kiddos love. You'll get rewarded 40% off for ordering your favorite artwork from the collection.


"So you're the illustrator? Who are you anyways?"

I'm Nikki Floreno, a children's book illustrator and author. Fables & Fauna is the animal adventure children’s book Publishing Press that I created so that I can turn my book-making dreams into reality.

Check the video above for a Behind the Scenes sneak peek into my studio while I made this art collection!


kids bathroom art prints for bath time

Styling Tip: Why not make bath time more fun with kid-friendly wall decor too? This Abel print even says, “Splish splash, rain puddles as as fun as taking a bath!” And has nice cool blue colors to match your bathroom.


So here's the ultimate question... 

Which art style is YOUR favorite, Dear Curator? 




See Tortoise version / See Hare Version

Is a simplified-character cuteness, like Sanrio’s Hello Kitty, a better look for a children’s book?




See Tortoise version / See Hare Version

A minimalist graphic-design-like style, with no hard lines but bold colors and symmetrical shapes?



See Tortoise version / See Hare Version / See Duo Verison

Classic Little Golden Book style, with no hard lines and lots of soft pastel colors?



Or a combination of them all?




See Tortoise version / See Hare Version

I also did some animal anatomy studies of Tortoises and Hares while exploring different ways to illustrate Abel & Ana for their next children’s book.


Styling Tip: Adding some realism art pieces along with cartoony-cute artwork on your kid’s wall art galleries gives variety, & highly-curated polished look!




Remember, the clock is ticking! You have ONLY 4 WEEKS to choose, otherwise you might miss out on these cute art prints for forever. Especially at the 40% off special event discount!


All prints are made, signed, and shipped by me- the illustrator & storymaker Nikki Floreno. I’d love to send you some art from my studio, to your family’s hands.

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