About Fables & Fauna LLC, a children's book studio and press by illustrator and author Nikki Floreno

Hello! I’m Nikki Floreno, a children's book Illustrator and Storymaker. Fables & Fauna LLC is the animal adventure children’s book Publishing Press that I created so that I can turn my book-making dreams into reality.

Fables & Fauna children’s books all feature a signature animal character(s), so kids can feel like they have a “Fauna Friend” who have the same social and life struggles that they do.


Children's books that "Never give up, never grow up"

Fables & Fauna's philosophy is "Never give up, never grow up"- and that's exactly what our children's books embody.

We believe that perseverance and grit is a crucial skill that should be encouraged in our youth, particularly during this age of instant gratification. But the fun and magic of childhood is just as crucial, and it's something that everyone should hold onto dearly. 

Which is why our children’s books are made to be enjoyed by both children AND parents, no matter how many times your kiddos say, "Read it again!"


from my studio, to your family's hands

YOU should have a say in which children’s books your kids read! So wouldn’t you like to have control of that while your children’s books are being made? In the Fables & Fauna Book Club, you can watch me create every children’s book, and even vote on important editorial decisions, as if you’re in my studio!

After all, the Fables & Fauna children’s books are imagined, written, designed, illustrated, published, marketed, fulfilled- by me. Which is why every Fables & Fauna product is shipped directly from my studio to your family’s hands. (So please feel free to request a book dedication or signature in your shopping cart notes, if you like!)


Now, if you really wanna get to know me, watch this 2 minute short video. I actually am a real person, and as you can see, I’m also a giant dork. Sorry, not sorry.

Although, if my silliness makes you wonder about some of my formal training & experience, here's my top 3 qualifications: I got my BFA at Savannah College of Art and Design in Sequential Art, studied abroad in Tokyo with the legendary Stan Sakai of Usagi Yojimbo, and led a team that won semi-finalist in the Disney ImagiNations contest. Bam!

Collaborators Emmy Scott and Douglas Humphries, self-published authors and editors

And last but not least, here's a shout out to the Fables & Fauna editing squad, Emmy Scott and Douglas Humphries!

They’re self-published authors as well, they're addicted to pursuing creativity and writing, and well... They’re awesome! Maybe soon they’ll play a bigger role here at Fables & Fauna too? Who knows. ;) But they say hello to you as well!

...So what do you say- want to join our children's book-making journey?


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