[Print-Your-Own] "Amelia's Explorer Scouts" Activity Book

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ABOUT: "Amelia's Explorer Scouts" has a Girl Scout / Boy Scout feel to its activities, since there are many outdoor adventures and badges to earn. A perfect match to the Amelia the Flying Cat children's book and it's "explore the world" ending. For adventurous kids, this is a favorite of homeschooling moms and Montessori enthusiasts. (11 pages total.)
  • Activity pages include: Nature collecting, journaling, badge collecting, and scavenger hunts.
  • Print out as many copies as you need, without waiting for a new book to ship. 
  • Every time this activity book gets any new pages, you'll get the update automatically via email, at no extra cost.

UPGRADE: Buy the Amelia the Flying Cat Activity Bundle to get even MORE activities, and cut the cost.