[Print-Your-Own] "Amelia and the Flying Squirrel" Coloring Book

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ABOUT: Wish there was an extra chapter to the Amelia the Flying Cat children's book? Well, surprise! "Amelia and the Flying Squirrel" is more than an extra chapter- it’s a coloring book with doodle prompts so your kiddos can interact with the story. (17 pages)
    • Includes coloring pages, doodle-your-own-adventure prompts, and extra story to read. 
    • Print out as many copies as you need, for re-coloring fun, without waiting for a new book to ship. 
    • Every time this coloring book gets any new pages, you'll get the update automatically via email, and at no extra cost.

    UPGRADE: Buy the Amelia the Flying Cat Activity Bundle to get even MORE activities, and cut the cost.