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Bird Tree Town

In the middle of the forest, there’s a giant tree with bird nest neighborhoods stretching across it’s branches…

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 11.50.24 PM.png

…and a cat, too?

Population: Birds (Mostly)

Energy: Wind-powered

Local Eats: Birdseeds & Berries

School: Flight School

Recreation: Cloud Diving, Circus Shows

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 10.48.26 PM.png

Birds are typically the only residents of Bird Tree town because transportation is typically done by flight. Otherwise, you’d have to take a LONG staircase to get up the tree’s trunk!

The branches in Bird Tree Town are like streets, and the leaves overlap to make a thick supportive flooring for each level of the tree’s canopy. Everything up here is powered by wind energy, it makes a great renewable resource when you live up high.

Bird nest homes each have a nest “landing pad” on their rooftops. When you fly home fast, it helps to have a cushioned landing!


Fable Fields

Area exploration in progress…

Not much can be said about Fable Fields until the next children’s book is out. All I can tell you is that a shy Tortoise and a “go-getter” Hare pair are some of the few residents here. Join the Book Club to stay tuned with behind-the-scenes updates!

New “undiscovered” areas yet to come!

Wondering why there’s so many question marks? Those are all areas of the Fables & Fauna world that haven’t been discovered yet! For every new children’s book that’s released, more of the map will be revealed!